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Our mission is to find the best opportunities for the players and best players for the clubs. We want to be the bridge of fair play between the two.


About Roman Lupu

As a player in the past, and a huge fan of football/soccer overall, my goal is to find talent in places often overlooked and underestimated. Also help current professionals find the best fit for their talent to reach full potential. Lead by example and build a trustworthy infrastructure for the future of the sport.

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Football/Soccer Agent and Scout

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Customer focused

My ability to cater to the unique needs of a club allows me to find the best matching players.
I believe what really sets me apart from the rest of the industry is my attention to details.

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Striving for the best

Wether you’re a young player just making your first steps into the Pro World, or a professional willing to make a change in your career - I will use my best of knowledge, experience and full effort to help. Taking in consideration you and your family, we can find the best options available for you.

Contract Negotiation

Details are important

With a team of professionals we can make sure to not let anything be left out and focus on every aspect of your agreement with your future employer. A well negotiated contract directly affects your transition and your performance, therefore it is in the interest of both sides to agree on terms. We aim for a win-win situation for both club and player.


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